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Have you ever considered how much information your personal lines agent knows about you? It's a lot! Haymond Insurance felt that with all the information you trust us to know, we should trust you with a little information as well. We'd love for you to know the person behind your agent!

A little more than two years ago, we were blessed to gain Patti as a Personal Lines team member. She’s shown herself to be dependable, professional, and diligent in finding her customers individualized insurance. Her willingness to help customers and team members is a blessing!

A native Arkansan, Patti grew up in the small town of Brookland, AR. She enjoyed the small-town life having a childhood full of friends and teachers whom she loved. Patti was a bit of a surprise you might say. In her blended family, she was the youngest of sixteen children, and her older brothers and sisters were out of the house when she decided to make her debut into the world!

Growing up being the only child in the home, Patti spent a lot of time with neighborhood friends and her parents. Her dad, Ted,  worked five acres of land and had a produce stand in town to sell his goods. It was common for Patti’s dad to barter with other farmers to acquire produce he didn’t grow himself. One memory Patti has that immediately brings a smile to her face is that of taking her hard-working daddy mason jars of sweet tea to cool him down while he was tending his crops. 

Her mom was never short on creating memories either! Lucille was full of musical talent. She sang and played both the guitar and piano! Patti said, “There were times that mom would grab a guitar, sit on the front porch, and neighbors would come to visit and sing.”

These memories are extremely special to Patti. Before she turned twenty, both of her parents had passed away, and she would be left with the sweet memories of her parents and the desire to start her own family.

Patti found the love of her life shortly after her parents passed away. She and Tommy have been married for twenty-six years and have three children-  Nathan (DIL-Kathryn), TJ (DIL-Tori), and Madison. They also adore their dogs and granddogs – Cooper, Jasper, and Reese.


While Patti loves spending time with her family, if she isn’t with them, you’ll find her either shooting guns or photos. Patti is quite skilled at photography, and at one time had her own photography business. She soon realized photography was more fun if it was only a hobby. In addition to shooting, she’s also taken after her mom with her love for the piano and singing!

The insurance industry pulled Patti into its grip in 1992. Tommy, her husband, was in insurance at the time, and it seemed like a natural fit for her. She loves interacting with customers and building relationships. While her dream as a child was to be a lawyer, it didn't take long after entering the world of insurance that Patti realized how insurance had a strong legal component that would be able to keep her intrigued. She has found a home at Haymond Insurance and loves that her work family rallies together in the good and bad times – celebrating with and supporting one another.

Please give Patti a call if you have any questions about your home or auto insurance or maybe even photography! You can reach her at our Searcy office, 501-268-8579.

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