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Who is your agent?


Have you ever considered how much information your personal lines agent knows about you? It's a lot! Haymond Insurance felt that with all the information you trust us to know, we should trust you with a little information as well. We'd love for you to know the person behind your agent!

Kari Morgan has been part of the Haymond Insurance team for more than three years. During that time she has become known for her ability to handle customers' questions and concerns with a positive spirit that has helped many who were dealing with a difficult time. We value her encouraging words and bubbly spirit!

Raised on a dairy farm in Waumakee, WI, Kari loved exploring the acreage. Her favorite times were playing in the barns, visiting the cows, cats, and dogs, and climbing in her tree house. She grew up being the baby of the family with five older sisters who loved doting on their baby sister. Her parents allowed her many freedoms given she was the sixth and last!


Kari's love for cooking began as a child and hasn't stopped. Having just built a new home, she designed her kitchen to be the perfect place for cooking to her heart's content and congregating with friends and family. When she isn't cooking, you'll find Kari decorating, organizing, spoiling her animals, and enjoying time with her husband, Billy.


The insurance industry took hold of Kari when she saw an ad in the newspaper for a receptionist. From there, Kari worked to get her Property &Casualty License and decided she enjoyed the personal lines side of the business. She does dabble in small commercial lines, but her main focus is personal lines. She enjoys getting to know her customers as well as

working with her teammates at Haymond Insurance's NWA office. Our location at 1032 E. Henri de Tonti Blvd in Springdale is only minutes from Kari's home which makes for an easy commute.


Please give Kari a call if you have any questions about your home or auto insurance. She will definitely give you the attention you deserve, and you might also get a cookie out of the deal!

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