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Who is your agent?


Have you ever considered how much information your personal lines agent knows about you? It's a lot! Haymond Insurance felt that with all the information you trust us to know, we should trust you with a little information as well. We'd love for you to know the person behind your agent!


This year will be Samantha’s ten-year anniversary with Haymond Insurance! During that time she has become known for her ability to handle customers' questions and concerns with an upbeat, positive spirit that has helped many who were dealing with a difficult time. She’s also a powerhouse when it comes to multitasking! We are so thankful to have her as part of the team.


Raised in Mesquite, TX, Samantha loved hanging out with the neighborhood kids. Front yards were the cool place to practice lop-sided cartwheels with a few cheers, and she never passed up the chance for a good bike ride. Being a spunky risk-taker, Samantha often rode her bike down the big hill with no hands just for a little more excitement. It was a great childhood with a loving, supportive family.


Samantha’s still spunky and loves to carry on the family tradition of being a loving and supportive mom and wife. She loves to be involved in her kids’ lives – watching their sports and band performances on Friday nights is a highlight of her week! Her sports watching doesn’t end there. Samantha loves calling those hogs and watches Razorback sports whenever possible! If she’s not with her family or watching sports, you might find her curled up on the couch watching an old movie or working on her latest painting.

The insurance industry took hold of Samantha when she realized the career could be both a career she enjoyed and one that provided stability for her family. Her favorite aspect of insurance is the competitive part of it that comes from working at an independent insurance agency like Haymond Insurance. As an independent

agency, we work with multiple companies to find our customers competitive rates. By shopping around, Samantha’s competitive side kicks in because she’s always trying to find a company that can beat another company’s rates while also providing the individualized coverage her customers need.


Haymond Insurance has loved having Samantha as part of the team. Good thing she loves being a part of it as well!    “I love the family atmosphere. We all work together to make sure our work and home lives are taken care of in all aspects. Everybody has the occasional kid or medical mishap come up, and our team members back each other. Also, my boss is amazing to work for and takes care of his employees. Finding a good boss is probably the hardest thing to find in today’s job market. A good boss makes it easier to come to work day after day.”


Please give Samantha a call if you have any questions about your home or auto insurance. You might also want to give her a call if you just need a good laugh. She has a knack for making people smile! You can reach her at our Searcy office, 501-268-8579.

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